Web Applications

RH Infos offers custom application development services that cover tailor-made web solutions uniquely built for your business objectives. With our experience in building customized web applications for a range of industry domains, we ensure scalable, reliable, secure, and flexible web application solutions that meet changing business demands. We emphasize a perfect blend of design thinking and innovation to craft value-driven user experiences.

Types Of Web Applications We Build

Progressive Web Apps


PWAs are a great choice to deliver a user experience that has the look and feel of a mobile app. It is an ideal and cost-effective alternative to native apps by taking advantage of the web and mobile. With faster load time, responsive design, and seamless navigation, our Progressive Web App development deliver a native-like experience in a web browser.

CRM Software


Increase your sales by managing your customers more effectively with a customized CRM system. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) plays a vital role to enhance customer service, improve customer retention, and making your sales team productive and efficient. Our enterprise CRM software can be used by companies of all sizes to manage customer and sales information in a centralized, accessible, and secure way.



A web CMS is used to create, store, manage and display content through web pages. We deliver custom web CMS solutions that facilitate content management and result in simplified collaboration between teams. With web CMS solutions, a team can effortlessly manage content with enhanced security, accessibility, and personalization.

Enterprise Web Apps


We develop enterprise web apps to manage internal and external business processes and operations of an organization. With our experience in crafting customized web apps for leading organizations, we take care of your business needs and deliver secure, mission-critical enterprise-grade web apps.

Cloud-based Web Apps


A cloud environment is more secure, scalable, robust, and cost-effective. Cloud-based web apps are an advanced type of web app preferred for effective collaboration and complex tasks. Our team of cloud consultants and web developers analyze your needs and suggest the right type of cloud app for increased productivity and streamlined activities.

Custom Software Development


We aim to craft tailor-made, superior digital experiences that improve your engagement ratio, streamline business processes, and accomplish a set of business objectives.

Factors Of Web Application

Benefits of Web Applications for Business

24/7 Accessibility

Cost-Effective Development

Ease of Access to Your Business Data

Enhanced Productivity & Collaboration

Web Apps are Easy to Maintain and Update

Web Apps is Highly Scalable

Web Apps Streamline Your Processes

Expanded security